Premier Staged Homes

The premier staged homes’ ASP® Consultation Service is a two-step process. The first step is to visit the property in order to evaluate it, take photos, and make notes with which our ASP® Staging Team will use to compile a written Exclusive Detailed Report to follow in Staging the property. The second step in the Staging process is a follow-up visit with the Client to review the Exclusive Detailed Report in detail. The Exclusive Detailed Report will list specific Staging recommendations and guidelines to follow as the Client Stages each room or living area of the house or property. The investment fee for this Service is determined by the square footage of the house or property.
With the complete Full Staging Service, the premier staged homes’ ASP® Staging Team will do the actual Staging Service. We will advise each Client regarding de-cluttering and packing. Our Team will rearrange furniture, accessorize, and/or color-consult as needed to enhance the overall appearance and ambiance of the house or property. Our Team will also make recommendations of any improvements needed for an effective showing of the property. The investment fee for this service is based on a Bid Estimate. The Bid Estimate is free.
E-Staging Consultation via the Internet is a convenient use of current technology for the Client who wishes to do the Staging. Communication is by email or phone. An Exclusive Detailed Report is compiled based on digital photos submitted by the Client to premier staged homes. The fee investment for this service is based on square footage. Our expert Staging recommendations will be based on the photos submitted by the Client. Once the recommendations and Staging criteria are met, the work is completed, and the “After” digital photos are reviewed and approved by our ASP® Team Partners, premier staged homes will certify your property as “Staged to Sell” and place your property on the and the websites. The estimated 9 million hits a month will give your property great market exposure.
  • Move-In Staging
  • Staging for Living
  • Staging for Work (offices, reception areas, etc.)
  • Staging for Seasonal and Special Events (holidays, corporate events, etc.)

For detailed information on these additional Staging services speak with one of the premier staged homes’ ASP® Staging Partners. We are available to answer your questions regarding any of our Staging Services.